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Published: 03rd October 2011
Views: N/A is the first place that casual gamers should turn to if they are looking for a huge choice of completely free games to help them unwind after a long day at work. With so many games available, there truly is something for every taste and situation. The only problem is that it can sometimes be hard to choose a game since there are literally hundreds available! The site hosts many games of just about every different genre available, including puzzle games such as Beetle Bomp. Every game on the site is completely free and there are no limitations or restrictions. You will only find full games at, no trial versions and no demo versions. It is a great opportunity for those who do not want to pay big sums of money that the average retail game costs.

Beetle Bomp is just one of many great free games to choose from and this one brings a whole new dimension of match-free gaming in the form of a funny, colorful and memorable beetle-themed puzzled game. For lovers of insects and anyone else who enjoys unique and colorful themes in the games they play, Beetle Bomp is a great choice. It can keep you busy for as long as you can spare with its challenging levels and plethora of different scenes and features. Puzzle games come in many different forms and themes, and if you have an interest in insects, or even if you don't, this game will still be highly enjoyable. As with all of the games available at MyPlayCity, it also has low system requirements and the download is small enough that you can start playing within a matter of minutes!

In Beetle Bomp, players will experience a horde of experimentally created electricity-eating beetles which have managed to escape from the top-secret lab that they were cultivated in. The player will aid the electrician, Lyle, and the entomologist, Martina, in bringing the situation under control before it gets completely out of hand! Throughout the puzzles, players will need to throw colorful bugs at each other, making sets of three. They will then need to catch the sparks before the infestation can spread. There are no less than 125 unique levels bringing you over a journey of many different scenes including urban and countryside scenes. There are 15 different locations and all of the characters and graphics are animated in a fun and amusing way. Players need to collect stars and various special rewards along the way, making them the ultimate insect expect! The game has a funny and animated cinematic story with a very unexpected ending to boot.

Players who want to try out this great free puzzle game should visit the home page at . The system requirements are minimal, so the game should work flawlessly on most computers, including considerably older ones. The download is less than 15 MB, so it should take only a matter of seconds to download on most Internet connections, allowing you to get to playing almost immediately!

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